How to reach Bodø

2019-03-0811:42 Torbjørn Engen

There are many ways to reach Bodø!

If you would like to reach us as fast as possible, you will travel by plane. The flight time from Oslo to Bodø is 80 minutes, and we have direct flights to many Norwegian cities. You will find more information at the airline websites, Norwegian, SAS and Widerøe

To make your journey an adventure, go by train! Nordlandsbanen is voted by Lonely Planet as one of the prettiest train rides in the world. 

Bodø is a penninsula and surrounded by water everywhere. Arriving by boat is therefore a natural choice. The Hurtigruten ship docks twice a day, and we have both ferry and express boat connection to the Lofoten islands

If you'd like to arrive by car, travel along the beautiful Kystriksveien, the Coastal Route of Northern Norway! According to National Geografic, Kystriksveien is one of the most spectacular scenic route in the world! Or choose the main route E6 through Norway, crossing Saltfjellet arriving from the south, and the amazing Hamarøy from the north.
Sunset over Bodø airport
Parked airplane at airport, click to open in lightbox
Ernst Furuhatt
To giants
Hurtigruten meets an old Nordlandsbåt, click to open in lightbox
Rune Fossum
A train driving along a fjord, click to open in lightbox