Hamsun Centre - Hamarøy


Join us on a trip to the hometown of this chief of poets. A guided bus tour along a highway that twists through an artistic landscape or a refreshing trip with RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) along the old bed of the Coastal Steamer, will take you to the island of Hamarøy. Here lies the nature that formed Knut Hamsun. The mountains and the fjords that inspired Nobel prizewinning literature that placed Norway on the world map. At Hamarøy you can also find the awarded and much discussed Hamsun Center, designed by the architect Steven Holl. This unique construction awakes strong emotions, the same way as Hamsun himself created debate and discussion with his books.  

Adventures in the footprints of Hamsun is a walk along the trails of art and literature. And if there is one thing Hamsun really was, it was a wanderer. Just like Hamsun himself was constantly travelling, his literary characters walk restlessly through life – existentially, geographically and socially. However, one thing Hamsun always brought along was his North Norwegian origin.

Adventures in the footprints of Hamsun give you a chance to visit the home of the writer in Hamsun, where you will be served stories, performances and great food outdoor..

Here you will find spruce forest all the way to the beach, and the 512 meter tall mountain ”Hamarøyskaftet”, which is a beloved target for all mountain enthusiasts. Here you will find a nature full of contrasts, passion, harmony and poetry – just like in the books of Hamsun. 

Ernst Furuhatt
Hamsuns childhood home
An old yellow building, green trees and people surrounding it
Tore Schöning Olsen
Hamsuns desk
A desk filled with books and a typing machine
The Hamsun Center
The museum building surrounded by trees