Caving Adventures

The county Nordland offers the most and scenic caves in Norway

Nordland a caving paradise
2017-01-1707:56 Torbjørn Engen


Join us in the fascinating world of caves! Feel the mystique and listen to the historical whisper as you leave the world as you know it.


No other county in Norway has more caves than the county of Nordland, which means that you can find caves in all types and shapes. This enables us to tailor your experience to be exactly what you wish for and what suits the size of your group. In order to do this, it is important that you tell us exactly what kind of experience you are looking for. A trip into the caves is available whatever the weather and time of year. The temperature inside the mountain is always 5 degrees Celsius. 


To enter a cave is like entering another universe. You can find caves in all types and shapes; narrow, wide and vertical. Inside you will find beautiful marble, fascinating dripstone, fish, subterranean waterfalls, streams and tarn. Here, deep within the mountain where your cell is out of reach, you will find yourself being one with the nature, one with your own impressions. After moving inside the mountain for a while, we will take a break and enjoy “two dark minutes”. During these “two dark minutes” we will turn off all lights and sit completely still to really enjoy the bewitching atmosphere.


For the more adventures type we can also offer caves where you can walk or crawl in narrows. An excellent opportunity to test your own claustrophobia! Of course you don`t have to, but this is a trip that is guaranteed to give you lifelong memories. Enjoy our picnic in unique surroundings and feel like a true explorer. 


All our trips to the caves are led by experienced guides and we supply the necessary caving equipment.