2017-02-1412:33 Torbjørn Engen

Come along and join us on a guided walking tour.
A devotion to nature is ingrained in Norwegian culture. We want to give you a greater understanding of “Friluftsliv” here in the north!
During the tour we will describe the geology of the area, tell you about the local history and explain our dependency on the sea. We will show you one of the many Viking graves discovered in this area. Walking along the shore, across sandy beaches giving you some amazing views at the time of the day when the light can play tricks on your eyes! Experienced guides will show you the way, often stopping to point out special views or wildlife. We will be walking on pathways and you will be equipped with walking sticks and crampons if necessary.
Come and take part in our Arctic Coastal Walk and breathe in the fresh Norwegian sea air.
Good footwear and warm clothing including a woollen hat and gloves are recommended.
Distance 3km / Duration 2 hours

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