2017-01-2510:32 Torbjørn Engen

Historical adventures

Join us on a journey into Norway as it once was. You now have the chance to walk along the same trails as the great poet Knut Hamsun once did. Take a trip into his kingdom, and have a glance at the nature that inspired him to create masterpieces like “Svermere”, “Rosa”, “Pan” and “Victoria”. This is the area where the poems are battered into solid mountain peaks, where poetry sings in the waterfalls, and love pours along meadows covered in flowers. 

Historical adventures takes you to the island ”Kjerringøy”, which is the best preserved place of trade from the 19th century. Just as you go ashore you will find yourself opening a door to a different time, a different life. At “Kjerringøy” you will get a unique insight into the life of the local Viking king, an insight into how fishing changed an entire nation. 

However, Salten has more to offer. Not too far from the world´s strongest whirlpool – Saltstraumen – lies Tuvsjyen, which is the place where people first settled in Norway, 13.000 years ago. Here they could harvest from a generous nature. Fish, shells, whale, reindeer and moose. At Tuvsjyen you can still see traces of the Stone Age society that formed Norway as we know it today.

Join us on a trip to the gallery “Galleri Bodøgaard” and experience a fascinating mixture of art, international culture and an exhibition of tools that have formed Norway through the last centuries.

The National Norwegian Aviation Museum is the place to be if you are interested in civilian and military aviation history. Here you can see the American spy plane U2 that placed Norway and Bodø on the world map during the Cold War, and get to know the story of the secret raids at a time where the world was on the brink of a third world war.

These unique experiences lies just outside of Bodø, a modern city with great opportunities for shopping, indoor water park, concert arenas, cozy cafés and bars. A city where you can walk from the airport to center of town in just 5 minutes. A city that lies just 80 minutes by plane from Oslo.