2017-01-2611:56 Torbjørn Engen

18.30 Departure with bus
Tonight you Aurora-story are going to be written. In order to increase our chances of greeting the Lady Aurora tonight we will act politely and move cautiously in the nature. We will be your pathfinders and guide you into our arctic world, both physically and mentally and we hope that we together will make this a mind moving experience.
Edutainment up North
On a very basic level the northern lights are quite simple to explain. The lights come at night when the sky is dark. It’s like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky, with a color palette of green, pink, violet and red.
The northern Light is real magic - even though we have scientific explanations for the Aurora activity I will never stop believing that this is nature’s own magic!
To the locals in Northern Norway, the northern lights are a part of life and a fertile source for art, mythology, and legends.
Connect with your inner explorer
Experience the northern coastline in the footsteps of the early arctic settlers.
We will be your pathfinders and guardians, so you will be perfectly safe.
During the trip we will serve you a hot meal, around 9 O´clock, depending on the mood of the Lady Aurora.
The kingdom of light

Northern Norway is by far the largest and most sparsely populated part of mainland Norway, and covers more than a third of the country.
Northern Norway has been settled for thousands of years, due to its relatively warm climate, ice-free harbors and excellent fishing. For centuries, the fishing was the very basis of existence in this area,
It’s important to remember that aurora can be a bit of a diva, and she will only start the show when she feels the time is right. Patience is a virtue, also when chasing the northern lights.
etween late September and late March, it is dark in Northern Norway in the best northern lights hours, which is between 6pm and 1am.
See the aurora borealis, learn basic techniques on how to photograph this natural phenomenon, and enjoy the scenery with the sea on one side and the Mountains on the other.
You are back at the hotel, after a mind moving experience!