RIB-safari in the archipelago of Bodø

Visit Bodø and experience the real north! North is something different, something unknown, a longing, a dream.....

Come along and explore the archipelago of Bodø by RIB! Be seduced by the most beautiful scenery in the world, while tasting the salty sea breeze on your lips. Learn about how this dramatic landscape was formed, and where the white, sandy beaches originates from. Scout for sea eagles along your journey, if you are lucky you might meet porpoises or puffins as well!

This safari is the perfect family outing! A fun-filled experience and memories for life!

Adult: NOK 450,-
Child: NOK 200,- (6-15)

Meeting point: Hurtigruten Quay/Ferry terminal, Port of Bodø

Duration: 1 hour



Meike Zylmann
Sea Eagle
A landing Sea Eagle
Meike Zylmann
Caribic Beaches
White beaches
Stella Polaris
Inviting water
Crystal clear water