2017-01-2313:43 Torbjørn Engen

Enjoy freshly cooked coalfish; fresh from the sea, into the pot or wrapped in aluminium foil and put on the ember of a fire. Enjoy a loaf with locally made cheese and newly stired jam. For those of you that love genuine and fine food, and experience that the scent of thyme, rosemary, mint and chives makes you salivate, Salten is a real discovery.  

Culinary adventures is the right package when you really want to have a good time and experience new smells and tastes. Join us in an exploration of the nature`s own pantry, a treasury of gourmet courses. Reindeer, moose, whale, cod, coalfish, salmon, brown trout, herbs and berries. Salted, pickled, cured, smoked, boiled and grilled. This is where you get the chance to travel back in time and taste genuine Stone Age bread filled with cured whale meat, or experience how thigh of reindeer and root vegetables are grub out of the fire pit at Tuvsjyen.

Culinary adventures offers everything from cozy dinners with white tablecloth and candles, to informal stops at beaches where the nature itself wishes you welcome with the sky as your roof and where the paintings at the walls are exchanged with alive cormorant that flies straight into the sunset.

Join us for a trip to legendary Kjerringøy where you can walk in the footprints of Hamsun, listen to the historical whisper that arrives from the sea and enjoy an unforgettable menu. Let yourself be inspired by the art at Bodøgaard, while you sense the delightful smells that seep from the kitchen.  

Take a trip to Arnøya and experience the unforgettable island kingdom of Salten, while you make yourself ready to try today´s menu based on fresh and local ingredients. Up here – north of the polar circle – the cloudberries taste like the midnight sun, shrimps ooze of northern lights, and when you cut a bite of the perfectly cooked reindeer filet, you can hear an echo of the sparkling crystals of the glacier “Svartisen”.   

These unique experiences lies just outside of Bodø, a modern city with great opportunities for shopping, indoor water park, concert arenas, cozy cafés and bars. A city where you can walk from the airport to center of town in just 5 minutes. A city that lies just 80 minutes by plane from Oslo.