Stella Polaris as is Excursion vender of the year The Hurtigruten award 2016, in competition with aproximately 50 other companies.

2017-01-2510:21 Torbjørn Engen

Join us on a trip to the world´s strongest whirlpool! If you want an experience unlike anything else you have experienced, a trip to Saltstraumen with one of our RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) is what you are looking for. It is an experience of a lifetime! You are taken through a unique alpine coastal landscape, and here, just outside of Bodø, your senses will be bombarded with impressions. A coast surrounded of magical mountains that arises like sparkling castles of Soria Moria, and the Wall of Lofoten shining in the horizon.  


The nature´s own song plays at the strings of history and creates a symphony where white sea gulls jump for you towards an azure sky. Here you can see cormorants fly straight out from the legend and into the sunset, and get a glimpse of the bird´s uncrowned king – the majestic sea eagle.  


Take a trip to the island kingdom “Værran” and experience the Northern Norwegian light. Eternally changing, endlessly fascinating. Pink, peach, blazing orange, fiery red, blues blue and granite grey. With the light as a pencil, magnificent art is being created. Some days a dripping oil painting, while on other days; a watercolor soft as velvet. It is in the middle of this picturesque landscape you can go looking for the big fish. Experience the excitement when you feel a fish bites.   


Remember however, that this is just the start of the adventure. A little taste of the magic. The aperitif before the whirlpool Saltstraumen captures the stage. When 400 million cubic meter seawater are pushing itself through a 150 meter wide and 31 meter deep passage within 6 hours, you suddenly find yourself face to face with the world´s strongest whirlpool. A whirlpool that dashes past you in 40 kilometers per hour.  


It was here the first people that came to Norway 13.000 years ago, settled. Here they could harvest from a generous nature. Fish, shells, whale, reindeer and moose. With us, you get the opportunity to taste the historical food yourself. Have a bite of Stone Age bread filled with cured whale meat and have a drink of Stone Age tea made out of berries, herbs and honey served in a scallop. Watch as thighs of reindeer and root vegetables are grub out of the fire pit.  


These unique experiences lies just outside of Bodø, a modern city with great opportunities for shopping, indoor water park, concert arenas, cozy cafés and bars. A city where you can walk from the airport to center of town in just 5 minutes. A city that lies just 80 minutes by plane from Oslo.