2017-01-2314:04 Torbjørn Engen


Seize your chance and experience the coast of Nordland as you have never seen it before. With our RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats), we make sure you get a fast, exiting and comfortable travel into a world that only a few have experienced from the seaside. You set out from Bodø, and within a few minutes you find yourself in the middle of an adventure with sea eagles, cormorants, puffins, sea gulls and terns. This swarming birdlife takes place in an alpine, coastal landscape that you almost won´t find anywhere else in Norway. The mountain formations changes from granite to shale, you pass white sandy beaches which could have belonged to the Caribbeans, and in the west, you can see the Wall of Lofoten arise from the sea. If you wish, we will take a quick break at one of the beaches and enjoy refreshments on our way.

After that, we will make a turn around the island ”Sandhornøya” and debark at “Sør-Arnøy”. Here you will walk straight into idyllic scenery with small, white houses and red-painted quays. The island “Sør-Arnøy” lies 15 nautical miles from Bodø, and in past times, the old harbor was used as a place of anchorage for fishermen on their way to and from Lofoten. You can still see the ship´s original mooring rings at the harbor.

At the renovated fishery “Karl Aas-brygga” you will be served simple and classical food in genuine North Norwegian surroundings. You may choose from a wide range of courses, like bacalao, fish soup, fish casserole or fresh shrimps. The local bar har i tillegg alle rettigheter[K1] .

On your way back to Bodø you may let your impressions sink in, and you may finish off the evening by visiting one of the city`s many pubs or bars.